Welcome to Wheal Jane Consultancy

Wheal Jane Consultancy provide mine searches for residential and commercial properties, mundic assessments, geoenvironmental site investigations and much more.

We work closely with our sister companies, within the Wheal Jane Group, to provide comprehensive support and practical, cost effective solutions to clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects. Wheal Jane Consultancy can offer the most comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ to the property sector in the region.

Mining searches

Locating historical mining activity and features in the vicinity of existing properties and future developments

Mundic surveys

Providing laboratory services to surveyors to investigate the potential for mundic to occur

Geotechnical services

A range of geotechnical services for the property sector

Foundation surveys

Inspections of foundations to detail any historical mining features and potential stability concerns

Environmental surveys

Environmental surveys from contamination risk assessments through to remediation certification

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