Environmental Consultancy

New construction developments are now required to undergo a Phase 1 desktop environmental study. This is usually specified as a planning condition by the local authority or by the Environment Agency, and is often referred to as a contamination report. All our Phase 1 reports are compliant with Cornwall Council’s planning guidance, “Land Affected By Contamination,” published in June 2017.

Any problems identified in a Phase 1 report are investigated further in a Phase 2 investigation, often referred to as a site investigation or soil contamination investigation.

Once the Phase 2 works are complete, we then produce a Phase 3 report to define specific remediation measures required to address any issues identified.

Following completion of the Phase 3 works, we will undertake a Phase 4 inspection to record and report on the successful conclusion of the works.

Final compliance is confirmed with a Certificate of Remediation submitted to the Local Planning Authority.


We provide mine searches for residential and commercial properties, mundic assessment, environmental site investigation services, ground stability testing and geotechnical services throughout Cornwall and the South West.