Ground Investigation

Ground conditions represent perhaps the biggest hazard to any construction project. However, a well designed ground investigation specific to the needs of the site can reduce these geotechnical risks, and save money in the long run.

We often use the findings of desk-based studies, as well as the outline development proposals to design a suitable ground investigation employing technics specific to the anticipated geology, topography and available access.

Common methods of intrusive investigation include;
• Trial pitting (including soakaway testing in accordance with BRE 365 and percolation testing)
• Hand Pitting
• In situ tests, including California Bearing Ratio, Plate Bearing Tests and Standard Penetration tests)
• Windowless sampling
• Rotary drilling
• Cable percussive drilling

JCB digging trench in field


We provide mine searches for residential and commercial properties, mundic assessment, environmental site investigation services, ground stability testing and geotechnical services throughout Cornwall and the South West.