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Combined Desk Studies

October 19, 2023

Have you been asked for a list of desk studies for your new development?

At Wheal Jane Consultancy we try to combine reports wherever possible!

Our most common joint report is a Phase 1 Desk Study and Mine Search.

The Phase 1 Desk Study is an initial risk assessment based on BS10175:2011 and CLR 11. The report may be referred to as a desk study, preliminary investigation, preliminary risk assessment or contaminated land – risk assessment.

We always complete a walkover survey as part of a phase 1. This involves a visual inspection of the site to record any obvious signs of contamination (i.e. leaking oil tanks, asbestos etc). Photographs will be taken and included within the Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment.

An effective and reliable mine search depends much on the data and information available to the researcher, but even more so on the knowledge and expertise of that researcher. A qualified mining geologist is able to not only interpret available information but to assess situations where limited documentary evidence exists by adding local knowledge, geological expertise and practical experience.

Wheal Jane Consultancy offers concise and site-specific research and reporting on the presence of features relating to mines, quarries and clay workings.

We are also able to undertake Preliminary Flood Risk Assessments.

The reports will make recommendations for any further investigations that may be deemed necessary as a result of the findings, and will be suitable for submission to local authority planning officers as part of the planning application for the site.

Please get in touch if you think you require any desk studies for your site!

We currently have good availability for site walkovers allowing us to reduce turn around times.


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