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The Ussher Society 60th Annual Conference

January 27, 2023

At the 60th Annual Conference for the Ussher Society held in Falmouth during January of this year, Mark Vickers represented Wheal Jane Consultancy and wider Wheal Jane Group during the conference. Mark is a panel member of Cornwall Geoconservation Group (a branch of Cornwall Wildlife Trust), and on behalf the group, and Duchy of Cornwall, presented findings of a recent project he was involved in on Bodmin Moor. The study applied remote sensing via use of a drone, in the context of geoconservation in Cornwall, where the project focused on the iconic Stowe’s Hill and the Cheesewring granite tor. 

One of the aims of the study was to show how the use of drone technology can provide an opportunity to create high resolution topographic maps and 3D models for the general public to access and interact with remotely. Another goal was to aid in the redesignation of a County Geological Site (CGS), which are synonymous with Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s, County Wildlife Sites (CWS), which are non-statutory precursors to statutory designation and protection, such as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The Ussher Society 60th Annual Conference provided the opportunity to present talks within the field of geosciences, specifically relating to the South West of England. It gave us an excellent opportunity to network with professionals that have a varied background of experience and skills, and to broaden our perspective enabling us to promote our services and our vision – a responsible and informed approach to solving issues surrounding contaminated land management and remediation, and mining related risk, in Cornwall.

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