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Dale hits the spotlight in Cornwall and South Africa

14 May

Dale Foster, our Senior Mining Geologist and Cornish mining specialist at Wheal Jane Consultancy, has been in the spotlight for both his expertise in mining and his many years of involvement in the sport of target shooting.

Dale is currently Chairman of the International Gallery Rifle Federation (IGRF) and officiated over the recent 2017 Gallery Rifle World Championships in Ireland. The current IGRF member counties are the UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia. As part of the build up to the 2019 world championships Dale has taken a lead role in a promotional video for the event which will be held at Welkom, in South Africa.

“The 2019 Gallery Rifle world championships will be the first time this event will be held outside of Europe, which presents a number of challenges, but given the professionalism of the South African organizers it is shaping up to be a superb event.”

Closer to home, Dale has been interviewed by West Country television regarding the collapse of Cornish Shaft at the former St Ives Consols Mine in St Ives. With his unrivalled knowledge of mining and historical mine workings in Cornwall, Dale was able to explain this and similar occurrences in context with both authority and clarity.