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July 26, 2023

Here are a few ways Wheal Jane Consultancy can now incorporate aerial surveys/imagery into our services:

A phase one walkover from a different perspective. Allowing us to see clearly see the entire site when access is limited. 

A stand alone survey or used to help determine access and possible exploration locations on a site in a fast non invasive way. This has proved beneficial before intrusive site investigations and provides our engineers and contractors with additional information to help plan the site works. 

A useful addition to mining surveys to view features from above and easily see changes in the ground surface.

A way of inspecting structures safely without the use of scaffolding/ladders. For examples roof inspections or velux windows. 

Topographic surveys and contour maps

And more!

Please get in touch is you wish to find out more about our capabilities or if we can be of assistance for your project.

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