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A Great Start to the New Year

January 15, 2024

We have had a great start to the New Year with a variety of site works.

This included a trip to the Isles of Scilly. We are passionate about working on community projects to help improve our local area and were thrilled to be able to assist with this site.

There was some concern that the investigation would be postponed due to poor weather, with very high winds in the weeks preceding, but we managed to time it for some of the calmest days in January! A trip to the islands with no delays for personnel or equipment is always a great success.

Phase 1, 2 and Geotechnical reports will be completed based on our findings. Some shallow Granite Bedrock across the site helped us to get excellent site coverage whilst working to a tight timeframe with travel options.

We look forward to working on many other projects this year throughout the South West.

Isles of ScillySite Works Geology Site investigation
Flying to St Marys for Site Works
Granite Bedrock
We were lucky to have calm weather following some storms
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Isles of Scilly Site Works Geology Site investigation
Flying to St Mary's for Site Works


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