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How Do We Test For “Mundic”?

September 15, 2023

By analysing samples of concrete taken from the property by various methods the presence of substances known to cause problems can be confirmed. The analysis process is as follows;

Stage One, involves detailed examination of core samples under a low power microscope. To a trained petrographer, identification of the aggregate type can be made from this inspection and, in the majority of cases, a classification for the concrete can be determined. It must be stressed that approximately 75% of properties tested will pass the Stage One analysis, receiving a Group A classification.

Stage Two analysis involves the core sample being cut into wafer-thin segments for a further examination under a high power microscope and possibly subjected to a range of ancillary analytical techniques. Stage Two analysis is not included in the initial Stage 1 cost and is only carried out if a Stage 1 test is inconclusive.

Stage Three involves the sample being subjected to an accelerated weathering test under environmentally controlled conditions in an attempt to activate a reaction between the aggregate and cement binder. This test takes place over several months.

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