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What is a Phase 1 Contamination Report?

8 December

Phase 1 Contamination Reports are a comprehensive desk based study that collects and examines a vast array of historical and current data from a wide variety of sources. Information regarding any potential contaminative risks are compiled into a matrix to create a ‘Conceptual Site Model’. This is a visual overview that characterises and evaluates the nature of each potential hazard and determines its overall risk to the site.

One of our environmental team will visit the site to conduct a walkover to determine any clear signs of contamination and any potentially contaminative sources. The report concludes by summarising all this available information to create a robust and thorough document that is in accordance with British Standard guidance BS:10175:2011,  CLR11 and also local guidelines such as the Cornwall Council publication ‘Land Affected by  Contamination’ issued in July 2017.

At Wheal Jane Consultancy we pride ourselves on delivering technical excellence and you can be assured that a Phase 1 report issued by us will meet all the necessary requirements to help you through the planning process. If you wish to discuss your project and how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us.