What is a Mine Search?

March 11, 2022

The Cornwall and Devon area is known to hold a huge diversity of rich mineral resources beneath its surface. These minerals including tin, copper, lead and a host of others have been mined from prehistoric times right through to the 21st Century.

Whilst this long history and heritage is now celebrated through the area’s Mining World Heritage Site designation, the industry has left an unwelcome legacy where old workings both recorded and, more importantly, unrecorded can cause problems for property and development. As a result, a mine search report is a crucial step in assessing risks for potential purchasers and land developers of ground stability problems.

An effective and reliable mine search depends much on the data and information available to the researcher, but even more so on the knowledge and expertise of that researcher. A qualified mining geologist is able to not only interpret available information but to assess situations where limited documentary evidence exists by adding local knowledge, geological expertise and practical experience.

Wheal Jane Consultancy offers concise and site-specific research and reporting on the presence of features relating to mines, quarries and clay workings.

These reports are also delivered quickly so that if issues or problems are identified they can be addressed without delay. Turnaround times are naturally dependent on the complexity of the search, but we normally aim to return all searches within 48 to 72 hours of receiving the request (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

We also have the resources to investigate further and carry out remediation works, making ours a seamless service which allows your project to proceed as quickly as possible.

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For more information on why a mine search is required, and what it should contain, Cornwall Council’s useful ‘Validation Guide’ A Guide to Submitting Planning Applications is available here.

Mine searches are often combined with a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment, or ‘Desk Study.’ More information on Phase 1s is available here.

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